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We are the leading supplier of Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure in Australia.


Design & Installation of EV Charging Stations

We design and install charging stations for electric vehicles.

Our fully integrated smart vehicle recharging system is perfectly suited to commercial applications and to medium to high density residential applications.

With our team of engineers and electricians, GET can tailor an EV charging solution for you, regardless of how unusual or difficult the site.

The entire process from step one to completion can be done in as little as two weeks.

At the completion of the project, as well as having the existing charging points installed, you will have a system that is expandable.

As more charging points need to be added, they can be added on the spot as required.

A project proceeds in three stages as outlined below.

Stage 1: Site Inspection

We come to your site to investigate

  • the capacity of the main power supply to the building
  • the capacity of the substation servicing the site
  • the power consumption profile of the building

Stage 2: Site Design

After completing our assessment of the site, we will put forward a two stage plan to economically, affordably and quickly make your site EV ready.

We design our systems in two stages, one is the preparation for EV stage and the second is the installation of charging points.

Stage3: Installation

The second part of the Site Design plan is the installation of charging points.

The aim of this stage is to ensure the entire site is ready for EV. As more charging points need to be added, they can be added on the spot as required.

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