The Most Affordable EV Charging Solution

Electric Vehicle Charging


We are  the leading supplier of Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure in Australia.

Commercial & Residential

The Most Affordable EV Charging Solution

EV Charging Infrastructure

We specialise in 'pay per use' charging.

Our fully integrated smart system is perfectly suited for commercial and medium to high density residential applications, as well as all car park settings.

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GET Electric is making electric vehicle ownership easier and more convenient than petrol powered motoring.


Fast Charger

The GET Electric 22KW commercial charger provides rapid charging to electric vehicles equipped with three-phase on board charging, as well as single phase equipped vehicles (with the correct plug/adaptor).

Compliant to industrial standards, the charger uses MID certified metering to ensure accurate energy metering and RCS to ensure the highest safety standards possible. The unit also includes a 6mA DC leakage detection, which avoids the need for an expensive RCD type B.

The units are also compatible with the GET Electric automatic load management software and hardware.

This ensures that the total load of the energy that can be supplied to the application is never exceeded and thus avoiding potential blackouts, fires and substation failures.

The GET Electric charger is constantly monitored by the GET Electric backend platform. Each charger is equipped with a gateway solution which means multiple chargers can be located on one site, but only requires a single internet connection to the platform, where we manage not just the operation of the charging units, but also the billing and maintenance programme.


From first contact with our sales and engineering team to plugging in your EV, our team is able to look after every aspect of taking your car park into the future.

With a team of engineers and electricians, GET can tailor an EV charging solution for you, regardless of how unusual or difficult the site.

The future is here, so don’t be left behind and   ‘GET tomorrow, TODAY!’



Our fully integrated smart vehicle recharging system is perfectly suited to commercial applications.



Our charger is also suited to medium to high density residential applications.


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