Ditch Petrol Stations For Electric Charging Stations

Making The Switch: Why It’s Time To Ditch Petrol Stations For Electric Charging Stations

The transition from gasoline to electric vehicles is becoming more and more essential as we move towards a more sustainable future. The infrastructure that supports the vehicles is just as important as the actual vehicles themselves. Because of this, it’s time to start thinking about electric charging stations as a potential replacement for conventional gas stations. 

The advantages of switching to electric charging stations will be covered in this article, along with the reasons why it’s an essential step in the fight against climate change.

The Drawbacks Of Petrol Stations

For more than a century, gas stations have been a part of our daily lives. They do, however, have a number of shortcomings that we cannot ignore. 

First, gas stations produce a significant amount of glasshouse gases that are released into the atmosphere and contribute to air pollution and global warming. In addition, they present a serious risk to public health and safety due to the possibility of mishaps, fires, and explosions. Thirdly, consumers should not rely on gasoline prices because they are unstable and subject to geopolitical events. 

These negative aspects are justifications for searching for alternate fuel sources, like electric charging stations.

Advantages Of Electric Charging Stations

You’ll want to completely avoid gas stations due to the many benefits of electric charging stations. These benefits consist of:

  • Environmental benefits: The fact that electric charging stations are environmentally friendly is one of their main benefits. Electric charging stations don’t produce any emissions or pollutants while the vehicle is being charged, in contrast to gas stations that do. As a result, using electric charging stations can help to improve the environment by lowering air pollution.
  • Lower Cost: Electric charging stations also have the benefit of being significantly less expensive than gas stations. Electric vehicle charging is significantly more economical than petrol car filling because the price of electricity is typically much lower.
  • Convenience: Electric charging stations are revolutionising travel because, compared to gas stations, electric charging stations are much more convenient. You can charge your electric car at home overnight or at work during the day. Because of this, you can fill up your car without making a special trip to the gas station.
  • Less Maintenance: Because they have fewer moving parts than gasoline-powered cars, electric vehicles require less maintenance. This also means that maintenance costs are lower for electric charging stations than for gas stations, which can result in significant cost savings for companies that run charging stations.
  • Government Incentives: For the purchase of electric vehicles and the installation of electric charging stations, many governments provide incentives. Tax credits, rebates, and grants are a few examples of these incentives, which can lower the cost of switching to electric vehicles and charging stations for both individuals and businesses.

Ditch Petrol Stations For Electric Charging Stations

Current State Of Electric Charging Stations

The use of electric vehicles is spreading quickly as the world moves towards a sustainable future. More electric charging stations are required as a result, and Australia is no exception. Australia currently has about 2,000 electric charging stations dispersed throughout the nation. However, this figure is comparatively small when compared to the rest of the world.

The federal government of Australia revealed a $6 million investment in 2019 to expand the number of electric charging stations across the nation. This investment aims to encourage the use of electric vehicles by increasing the number of electric charging stations in the nation. To aid in the transition to a sustainable future, numerous state governments are also working to construct more charging stations.

There are primarily three types of electric charging stations: fast charging stations, level 1 charging stations, and level 2 charging stations. While level 2 stations offer a faster charging rate, level 1 stations are the most basic and only offer a slow charging rate. Electric vehicles can charge up to 80% at fast charging stations in just 30 minutes, which is the fastest charging rate available.

Despite the fact that there are currently few electric charging stations in Australia, this is a trend that will likely continue. In order to keep up with the rising demand for electric vehicles and charging stations, the nation is prepared to expand its infrastructure.

Future Of Electric Charging Stations

Australia’s electric vehicle charging infrastructure has a promising future. With the intention of having 50% of new car sales be electric by 2030, the Australian government has committed to investing $74.5 million in infrastructure for electric vehicle charging. Due to a lack of charging infrastructure, one of the major obstacles to the widespread adoption of electric vehicles will be helped by this investment.

Chargefox, Evie Networks, and NRMA are just a few of the significant companies currently present in the Australian market for electric charging stations. The networks of these businesses are growing quickly, with Chargefox aiming to have 100 ultra-rapid charging stations nationwide by 2025.

Along with these private businesses, the Australian government has also made plans to put up 200 charging stations in rural areas and 400 fast-charging stations along major highways.

In Australia, the future of electric charging stations includes not only expanding the number of stations but also improving their usability and convenience. This might entail providing users with different payment options, letting them reserve a charging spot in advance, and integrating charging stations with mobile apps.

With significant investments being made to upgrade the infrastructure for charging and increase the adoption of electric vehicles, the future of electric charging stations in Australia generally appears bright. We can anticipate seeing even more innovation and advancements in the market for electric charging stations as the proportion of electric vehicles on Australian roads keeps rising.

Final Thoughts

The time has come for us to seriously consider moving away from gas stations and towards electric charging stations. While gas stations have been helpful to us for more than a century, they have a number of negative aspects, such as air pollution and a reliance on fossil fuels. However, there are many advantages to using electric charging stations, including lower operating costs, lower emissions, and greater energy security.

The switch to electric vehicles is already well underway, and it will only accelerate in the upcoming years, as evidenced by the present and projected state of electric charging stations in Australia. There has never been a better time to switch to an electric vehicle if you’re considering it. You can be certain that you’re picking wisely thanks to GET Electric. To learn more about our selection of electric charging solutions, contact us right away.

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