GET backs Infrastructure Victoria’s community panel recommendations which supports EV push

Global Electric Transport (GET) has backed Infrastructure Victoria’s community panel recommendations which insists new housing developments install charging stations and to also ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2030 as part of an electric vehicle (EV) push.

The recommendations come after the independent authority recruited a community panel of 211 Victorians to gauge their opinion as to how the Government should support people to adopt low or zero-emission vehicles sooner.

Of 21 recommendations developed by the community panel, which meet a threshold of at least 70 per cent endorsement by participants, GET was thrilled to see the end of sale of new internal combustion engines by 2030 was among one of the key recommendations.

Additionally, the recommendation to introduce planning controls that require new developments to install charging infrastructure, provide electric vehicle charging stations at activity and town centres as well as advocate to local governments to change their fleets to EVs was warmly welcomed.

GET is a leading supplier and installer of EV charging stations for residential and commercial applications. Executive Chairman and Founder Srecko Lorbek said GET welcomed any measure that would support the proliferation of EVs.

“These recommendations from Infrastructure Victoria clearly demonstrates that the appetite for the uptake of EVs is growing at a rapid rate,” said Srecko. “EV sales are expected to exponentially grow over the coming decade, so these recommendations serve as a timely reminder that we must act NOW to ensure we as a state can cater for the accelerated uptake of EVs.

“We have already seen General Motors, Ford, Jaguar, Volvo, Aston Martin, McLaren, Maserati, Bentley and other leading manufacturers bringing forward plans to end petrol and diesel car production with new model EVs being released every week.

“Australian EV sales have doubled so far in 2021 with February data reporting 558 EV sales in January and February, up 105.1% on the same period last year, excluding Tesla sales which aren’t included in official data.

“GET has simple and affordable charging solutions that can help policymakers and legislators plan for this NOW.”

GET recently launched a Commercial EV Charging Hub in Port Melbourne in response to a shortage of chargers in a rapidly growing part of Melbourne, and the growing market of EV drivers.