GET Electric partners with Hungry Jack’s to launch Sunbury EV Charging Hub

Global Electric Transport (GET Electric) has partnered with fast-food giant Hungry Jack’s to install Sunbury’s first Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Hub, as the transition towards EV’s accelerates in Australia and around the world.

Located on the corner of Horne Street and Gap Road, Sunbury, the two 22kW Semi-Fast Commercial Charger units have been installed inside the carpark of Hungry Jack’s Sunbury, providing a new service to customers, Sunbury and surrounds EV community, allowing two vehicles to be charged simultaneously.

GET is a leading supplier and installer of EV charging stations for residential and commercial applications.

According to GET Electric Executive Chairman and Founder Srecko Lorbek, GET Electric’s mission is to make EV charging more accessible and convenient.

“We’re incredibly pleased to partner with Hungry Jack’s to deliver this new and improved technology at this site which will mean that an EV driver passing through this area can have the convenience and peace of mind that they can easily charge their car,” said Lorbek.

“For EVs to sustain growth, chargers must blend seamlessly with how consumers live their lives. Just as fast food is accessible and convenient, EV charging must be quick, convenient and everywhere.

“The chargers are 22kW and can enable most models of Electric Vehicles to get back on the road in minutes. At the same time, we are also relieving the ‘range anxiety’ that is keeping consumers from purchasing EVs.”

Hungry Jack’s Sunbury Franchise owner Rick Singh said this partnership reflected the company’s mission to become more environmentally conscious.

“We’re located around 40km north-west of Melbourne’s CBD, so the installation of an EV charging hub is definitely a first of its kind located in this area,” said Singh.

“Turning car spaces into charging stations not only pleases consumers, but it also helps the environment. Reducing pollution and harmful emissions is a major priority for us and giving our customers the opportunity to enjoy our iconic food while charging their EV is a perfect combination. It’s a win-win for all stakeholders.”

GET Electric welcomes any measure that supports the proliferation and uptake of EVs.

Looking ahead, GET Electric intends to bring even more fast chargers to the market to ensure Victoria does not get left behind by the rest of the world in one of the most significant transformations in transport.

Electric vehicles are no longer the future – they are today’s reality.