GET Electric welcomes Infrastructure Victoria’s EV recommendations as electric push intensifies

GET Electric (GET) has welcomed Infrastructure Victoria’s Infrastructure Strategy 2021-2051 report, which has provided a number of recommendations to support the intensifying global push toward electric vehicles (EV) in its latest 30 year infrastructure strategy.

The report, which was presented to the Victorian Parliament on Thursday, provides 94 recommendations specifically targeted towards climate change action, clean energy development and the prioritisation of the importance of a plan to support the uptake of electric vehicles. More specifically, the recommendations relevant to EVs included:

  • The ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars in Victoria by 2035;
  • To publish a statewide electric vehicle charging network strategy, and product charging infrastructure design standards and payment principles in the next two years;
  • The acceleration of consumer purchases of zero emission vehicles in the next two years;
  • The transition of government fleet and freight vehicles to zero emission technologies over the next five years; and
  • To phase out fixed road user charges and introduce user pay charging.

GET is a leading supplier and installer of EV charging stations for residential and commercial applications.

GET was thrilled to see the increased acceleration of the uptake of EVs which will ensure Victoria does not get left behind by the rest of the world in one of the most significant transformations in transport. Executive Chairman and Founder Srecko Lorbek said GET welcomed any measure that would support the proliferation of EVs.

“These recommendations from Infrastructure Victoria clearly demonstrate that the appetite for the uptake of EVs is growing much faster than initially anticipated and reflects decisions regarding EV policy being made in other jurisdictions such as Europe,” said Srecko.

“EV sales are expected to exponentially grow over the coming decade, so these recommendations serve as a timely reminder that we must act NOW to ensure we as a state can cater for the accelerated uptake of EVs.

“The recent report released by the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) demonstrated this acceleration. EV sales were up 191.1 per cent in Victoria compared with July 2020. While in New South Wales sales had increased by 260 per cent.

“Electrification is no longer the future – it’s today’s reality.

“GET has simple and affordable charging solutions that can help policymakers and legislators plan for this NOW.”