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How To Install Your EV Charging Station At Home

Are you contemplating buying an electric vehicle? Electric vehicles are growing in popularity, and according to the Electric Vehicle Council, in 2019, EVs accounted for 0.6% of sales in Australia. With an EV, you never have to make a stop at a petrol station. But how will it run? Simple – you can install an electric vehicle charging station at home! 

While EV owners can charge their vehicles at public EV charging stations, a home charging station offers you more convenience. The Electric Vehicle Council revealed that 66% of consumers would like government subsidies to reduce home charging installation costs. 

If you have been thinking about getting an EV, but are still unsure, please read on to learn more about at-home EV charging station installation.

What Is An EV Charging Station?

An EV charging station has a wall outlet that allows you to plug in your EV charging cable to charge your EV battery. The charging station converts the power into a form that can be stored in your EV battery, allowing you to use your car. An EV charging station converts the available electric current into a current flow that your EV battery can accept. Commercial charging stations typically offer faster charging than charging your EV at home due to their higher voltages. 

Types Of EV Charging Stations

The primary type of electric car charging stations include:

  • Level 1 charging station: This is the most basic of all three charging stations. EV owners get a charging cable when they purchase an EV, and they can use these chargers on a standard electric outlet. You can charge an EV from a standard outlet in your home using a level 1 charger, but the downside is it takes a long time to charge your EV.
  • Level 2 charging station: The level 2 charger offers faster charging than the level 1 charger. You need a professional to help you install a level 2 charging station. Car charging in a level 2 station is faster and more efficient. Consider getting a circuit breaker for your charger because they are vital to have anywhere electricity flows, and they will prevent overloads.
  • Level 3 charging station: The installation cost of a level 3 charging station is higher than level 2’s. Level 3 charging stations are meant for commercial use and offer much faster charging times. The time you will spend charging your EV at a level 3 charging station can be pretty short, depending on the voltage charging architecture.

Home ev charger installation

How Do You Install A Home Electric Car Charger?

Installing EV chargers is a reasonably straightforward process when you procure the services of a professional. Here is how to install a home electric car charger:

  • Site inspection: Before installing a home electric car charger, a professional must conduct a site visit on your property. During the visit, they will check your main power supply’s capacity to your building and the substation servicing the site. They will also check the overall power consumption profile to determine whether or not it can support the charging station.
  • Site design: Once the professionals are through with your home assessment, they will develop an installation plan. The plan is typically meant to get your home ready for the charging station installation, depending on the charging station’s design. It will also reveal where they will install the charging point. It must be installed in an appropriate location.
  • Installation: Before installation, the professional you hire must confirm that the installation site is ready for the EV charging station. They will then set up your EV charging station, and you will be good to go. You will need to test that the charging station can charge your EV. Depending on the company you choose to work with, you may get ongoing maintenance after installation.

Final Thoughts

Installing an EV charging unit in your home will offer you convenience. You can let your car charge at the end of the day while you sit back and unwind. If you plan to install an EV charging station in your home, ensure you work with a professional.

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